Pastor Tim Downs

Atlanta Hope Center is led by Pastor Tim Downs and his family. His wife Holly, sons Jordan and Cody, accompany him in his soul-winning burden.

They bring extreme passion to reach and serve the city of Atlanta and the inner-city families who have been overlooked through the years. Their burden comes from many years of experience. The Downs are no strangers to inner-city ministry. They have spent the last five years, continuously traveling as International Evangelists, holding weekly crusade services all over the world. In their efforts to reach every possible person with the gospel, they have seen incredible conversion results, reaching desperate people searching for a greater life.

Pastor Downs, himself, spent many years searching for a greater purpose.

He was born and raised in the Chicago area, growing up in a lifestyle of sin. Downs’ conversion as a born-again Christian did not occur until his adulthood. Later, Pastor Downs reached a comfortable level of success in business and life, yet he and his family chose to leave the comforts of home and travel the world to reach people with the message of salvation and hope!

Upon hearing the voice of God instructing them to move to Atlanta, they made phone calls to the mayor’s office and the Atlanta Police Department, seeking the most dangerous neighborhood in Atlanta. After learning of that location, they leased a home and a building to give their lives to helping those who are less fortunate in life.

The Downs bring a solid commitment – to see every Atlanta citizen saved by the power, mercy and grace of God.

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