Atlanta Parenting Classes

Atlanta Hope Center provides parenting classes.

To obtain a certificate you must attend 6 one hour classes and pay a fee of $100.00 due upon starting the course.

Court ordered Parenting Classes are availble each Wednesday night at 7:00pm

You must pay the $100.00 fee before starting the classes, you are required to be seated no later than 7:00pm or you will not be allowed into the class.

We ask that every parent that attends shows respect to the church by not using inappropriate language, your clothing is appropriate, for instance please pull your pants up and have a working belt to keep them up, also women must have the cleavage and backsides covered. This is a church so we want you to dress modestly. Please no smoking or drinking on the property.

No children will be allowed into the classroom.

We do offer extra credit classes to get your certificate faster.

Atlanta Hope Center